Quails in Trinity County on a snowy morning.

Quail in Trinity County, I am pretty sure they live in the blackberry bushes.

There are always lots of quail around.  I am not sure if there is one group, or many groups of them.

Sometimes I will see ten or more at a time.  They are very quick, and will run as soon as I open the door to take photos.

For once I managed to sneak up on these quails and get a few pictures.  

Another very interesting fact about the quails, that I found out a few days ago.  

My dad informed me that the quail are actually not very fat.  They have an air sac between their feathers and their bodies, which puffs out to keep them insulated.  And I thought they were well fed. 🙂  I do see though, now a few weeks later, that they are in fact, not that fat, in the yard yesterday, of course, the weather is warmer.

These are some very beautiful quail, they look pretty well fed to me.

Quail running away, they are very sensitive to noise.