Sleeping duck black and white, with gray and bluish rocks in the background, and the dark water with the reflection of the duck.

Wild Common Merganser Ducks in the Trinity River

Two wild common Merganser ducks swimming on the Trinity river.
Wild common Merganser ducks swimming.

These ducks are amazing!  I looked up these ducks and they are the common Merganser wild duck also called the Goosander.  they are larger ducks of lakes and rivers, and they prefer the fresh water. They are common to North America, Europe and Asia.

I love to watch them ducking in and out of the water getting food.They eat fish and nest in holes in trees.  Which makes perfect sense there are a lot of trees in this area.


Wild Common Merganser ducks swimming upriver in the Trinity river, northern California.
Common Merganser ducks in the Trinity river, CA.


These Common Merganser wild ducks like to swim up the side of the river, and then they float down.  sometimes with little ducklings following.  it’s adorable. In the Trinity river, we mostly see these wild ducks in the winter.


Beautiful panoramic photograph of a winter sunset at the wetlands in northen California, Llano Seco, Upper Butter Basin Wildlife.

Llano Seco, Upper Butte Basin Wildlife Area

Llano Seco sunset last February, wetlands in Upper Butter Basin Wildlife.
Llano Seco Sunset, Wetlands.

From Interstate 5 in northern California, there are a few Wildlife areas, which are very pristine. These historic natural wetlands formed from runoff from the Sacramento river and Butte Creek.  Located in Butte and Glenn counties, the Upper Butte Basin Wildlife Area is a sight to see.



Beautiful clouds and sunset on the wetlands of Llano Seco, seven mile road.
Sunset at Llano Seco wetlands.

I was passing by the Llano Seco around sunset.  I went to see Storm Large at the Laxson Auditorium, at Chico State. She rocks!  Look up her website. She sings with Pink Martini also. They have a song, called Veronique. Storm Large

Pictured a sunset from last February.  Lnano Seco was beautiful that evening. There is a boarded walkway out that you can walk out on and get a good view of the wetlands, panoramic also.

Lots of water, birds, and beautiful sunsets at the Upper Butter Basin Wildlife area, Llano Seco, wetlands.
Beautiful sunset at Llano Seco.

This is one of the finest wetland habitats in northern California.  Below is a link to the Dept of Fish and Wildlife, with maps and much more details about the Wildlife area.

Upper Butter Basic Wildlife Area, California





Beautiful close up of the sun behind the clouds and the red reflection on the water, with the trees in the middle, at Llano Seco, CA.
Beautiful Sunset and reflection at Llano Seco.

It’s a great place for bird watching, there are many species of birds. There are so many birds to see, here are just a few.  There are pelicans, hawks, eagles, falcons, cuckoo, sparrows, cranes, herons, starlings, swallows, larks, blackbirds, and so many more I won’t list.  Go to the website, and look at the pdf file, Bird Checklist.  There are so many they need a check list.









beautiful great white heron, on the trinity river in the winter time.

Great White Heron, Trinity River, CA

Great white heron with reflection of itself in the Trinity river, CA. It has a large yellow beak with black.
Great white heron or egret.


Beautiful great white heron feeding on the Trinity river, in the wintertime.   These are such beautiful majestic creatures.  Usually we would see, the great blue heron.  Not so often have we seen the great white heron.



Great white heron with large long black legs, and a yellow beak with black, feeding along the Trinity river, CA.
Great White Heron in northern California.


Other names for the great white heron are, great egret, common egret, and large egret.  The heron or egret is definitely large.  They come here to the Trinity river, in the winter to feed.  Along with, the geese, ducks, and great blue herons.



Great White Heron, feeding along the Trinity river, in the winter time.
Great egret along the Trinity river, in Trinity county.


You will see these large birds often off the Interstate 5 that runs through California, they are in the rice fields, and other large bodies of water, that are marsh like.  There are tons of birds in this area of CA, lots of water, food, and lots of birds.  But often you will see many great white egrets standing in the marshes feeding as you drive by.








Large blue heron in the Trinity river, hunting, and you can see the reflection of the blue heron in the water.

Blue Heron in Trinity River, California.

Blue Heron on the Trinity river, in Trinity county, California.
Blue Heron feeding on the Trinity river, California.

This is a blue heron on the Trinity river.  They are large and beautiful birds, very majestic.  When they fly it is spectacular.  Herons and cranes are often feeding here, also ducks, and geese.   But the blue heron is one of our favorites.  It was a favorite especially of my mother.  Since she passed, I have seen the blue heron often.  The bird always amazes me.



Click below to and you can hear the call of the great blue heron.  I hear them sometimes and at night too. They have a croaking call, it can be quite loud too.

Beautiful blue heron on the Trinity river, California.
Blue heron on the Trinity river, in Trinity county.


Blue herons are large wading birds.  The ones around here startle very easily and they won’t let you get very close.




Blue heron resting in the sun, on a winters day in Douglas City, California.
Blue Heron on the Trinity river, Douglas City, CA.