Beavers Taking Trees Down

I noticed that the beavers have almost accomplished taking another tree down. A fairly large one, I wish it would just fall.

This first picture is of all the trees that they are working on, to the right, the left, and in the front of the photo are all trees that have fallen. In the middle of the photo, you can see the two trees which make a V and these are the current trees being chewed on. Below are the pictures close up.

I did see a beaver swimming the other day, and about 12 ducks, but naturally I did not have my camera.

Beavers on the Trinity River

There are fresh water beavers and otters in the Trinity River. The beavers live along this patch of the river. These are current pictures of the latest fallen tree. The other day I actually saw a beaver in the river, well his head, and some branches he was moving also. I will work on getting a picture.

One more picture of the river, the beavers have not managed to dam it!