Strawberry Moon in Trinity County, California

Strawberry moon, a very reddish moon, with black sky surrounding, the moon was the Strawberry moon last night.
Strawberry Moon rising in Trinity county, California.





Yesterday was the Strawberry moon, and one of my favorite things to do is watch the moon rise.  This time it was the Strawberry moon.

I ran to get the camera and the moon had already risen above the treeline.  I was expecting to see more red, as there was a fire close by, but it was clear.  This isn’t red from the sky, it’s the exposure.







Pictures is a very whilte moon, from June's Strawberry full moon, in Trinity county CA.
Strawberry Moon rising, California.















Beautiful large white moon, in the lower left of the photo frame by Veroniqque, northern California native.
Strawberry moon rising last night in Trinity county, CA.

Wildflower Hike in Weaverville, California

Beautiful close up of a native wild flower in Trinity county california the Calypso Orchid, which is a bright fuschia purple with a beard petal of the same color and black and brown dots.

Happy May Day!  What better way to start the month than with some beautiful flowers!


I went for a short hike last weekend and looked at wild flowers in the East Weaver Basin Trail.  It was beautiful, there were quite a few flowers!  But it was raining quite a bit!


I managed to get some nice photos of these flowers, native to Trinity county, California. Pictured here is the Calypso Orchid, a native wild flower.

The hike was great, quite a few people, I hope to get back this week on a sunny day.






Beautiful close up of a native wild flower in Trinity county california the Calypso Orchid, which is a bright fuschia purple with a beard petal of the same color and black and brown dots.
Native wildflower, the Calypso Orchid, Trinity county.


















Pictured s an oak tree trunk and several hound's tongue wild flowers growiing around. The hounds tongue is a big broad leaves at the ground and a stalk coming up with tiny bluish purple flowers and some are reddish purple.
Hound’s Tongue Wild flowers in Trinity county, native species of wild flowers.







Hound’s Tongue is another native wild flower to Trinity county.  It has beautiful bright green leaves that are broad, and then one large stem or stalk coming out and there are flowers at the top of the stem. There was a lot of Hound’s Tongue flowering and growing everywhere.  Where at the Calypso orchid we saw one!







Beautiful close up chot of the flower of the Hound's Tongue it has bright purple five petals with a white circle of pistals, and then a black and yellow center.
Hound’s Tongue Wildflower in Weaverville, California.


























Hound’s Tongue was found all over on this hike!





















This native to Trinity county wild flower is a tiny little purple and black and yellow flower with black and yellow on the very front tip and a purple flower that is looking like a dragon fly, one stem has several flowers shooting off.
Native wild flowers Henderson’s Shooting Star in Trinity county.







The Trinity county native wild flowers are so beautiful! Many of these flowers do not grow at my house, the area we went for a hike at was very wooded, wet, and hilly.  This native wild flower is from the Primerose family.

Next sis the beautiful Henderson’s Shooting Star, this flower is very tiny and delicate with several flowers shooting out, of one star shaped flower.  It’s tiny stalk with multiple stalks coming out which have the flowers.  There were lots of shooting stars.


























Showy phlox is a bright pink wild flower in Trinity county, pictured is a piece of wood with a showy phlox facing down after a rain and rain drops on the backs of the petals.
Beautiful showy phlox after a spring rain.





These are called Showy Phlox, in the Phlox famly apparently.

This natve wild flower to Trinity county likes the wooded and rocky hillsides, They also bloom in May.








Pictured s a bright pink flower with a kelly green leaves in the background, showy phlox is a Trinity county native wild flower from the phox family.
Showy phlox is a beautiful bright pink native wild flower in the phlox family.





















Tall Mountain Larkspur or Dwarf Larkspur?




Lastly we have Mountain Larkspur, which is a tall stem with lots of purple flowers.  We only saw some tiny ones.












Whiskeytown Lake, Oakbottom Recreational Area, Shasta County

I went to Whiskeytown Lake off of Highway 299, in Shasta county.  It’s one of my favorite lakes and I drive by it all the time.    It was a very hot day and the lake was spectacular, as usual.  We swam near the same spot that my parents would sometimes stop at during my childhood.  It is the north west end of the lake, near Oakbottom Recreational Area, follow highway 299 West towards Eureka, California, which is the coast.

Whiskeytown lake is in northern California Shasta county, near Trinity county.
Whiskeytown lake at the Oakbottom exit.


Whiskeytown lake in Shasta county, California.
Whiskeytown Lake.
I was almost to my neck in water with this shot.







Highway 29, Calistoga to Middleton, California

This is off of Highway 29 heading from Alexander Valley Road, Calistoga to Middleton. This is one of the more curvy mountain roads, in northern California. At the top of the mountain is the Robert Lewis Stevenson State Park. Supposedly on a clear day from the peak you can see Mt. Shasta!

Robert Louis Stevenson State Park is the place where the famous author of Treasure Island and Kidnapped spent his honeymoon in 1880. Although nothing remains of Stevenson’s cabin, the site is identified on the trail to the summit.