Buckhorn Project – 299

On the way up to Trinity County the other day I stopped at the top of Buckhorn summit and took photos of the highway construction project. They are making the road bigger. Literally, they took out a bunch of old trees at the top of the mountain. People drive so fast already, now they have an excuse to drive faster.

As I was driving back over the hill, at the site, there were workers and flag persons slowing traffic. For miles there were warning signs about the workers and road construction. Some driver, passed me at the top of the mountain, after the passing lane, in a construction zone about 50 yards away from the woman holding the sign. She practically drove over the poor woman standing there. The worker waved at me, she saw the whole thing happen and was motioning the other driver to slow down. I bet that person in the car felt like an idiot, they sure acted like one.

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