Blackberry Jam, Trinity County, California

Blackberries in a metal ladle in a big steel pot cooking down for blackberry jam.
Blackberries cooking on the stove.

My mother and I always picked lots of blackberries.  It was something that we both enjoyed doing.  My mom made the best blackberry jam.  Over the years she would change the recipe a bit, sometimes only using honey, and sometimes using sugar.  When I was little she used pectin also, but not with the honey.  Usually she would leave out the pectin, and just use sugar instead.  I often would help her, but I never made it on my own.




Big steel pot with blackberries boiling lightly, cooking down for blackberry jam.
Blackberry jam in the making.



I looked up a few recipes, it seemed that many require the same amount of sugar and berries, 4 cups for instance of blackberries, and 4 cups of sugar. For this batch of blackberry jam, organic sugar was used and no pectic.  In order to make the jam thick it was boiled it a little longer than usual.  There were lots of blackberries so much jam was made!.




Picture of a food mill over the steel pot and blackberries inside, turning the mill removes the seedes.
Seedless blackberry jam.



In addition, I made seedless blackberry jam also using a food mill, which turns and smashes the berries and the seeds are separated.






Small round jar of homemade blackberry jam, very dark black berry jam.
Blackberry jam.



After that I cook the blackberries down a little more to make sure they are thickening, and then pour into sanitized jars.  I sanitize the lids, bands, and the jars, and use directly after sanitizing.  Which I did with the dishwasher, it has a “sanitize” setting.





Several jars in different sizes, small and tall of very dark homemade blackberry jam.
Homemade blackberry jam.


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