Beauty Boxes, Birchbox, Ipsy, and Glossy Box

I joined the millions of American women receiving a beauty box delivered to their home each month.  One of the reasons I decided to do this was because, I never really buy any new brands of makeup and beauty products.  This was a good way to get a few new samples, and try some products, and see what there is out there.  Also to see what I might like, or prefer.

Not only do you receive makeup,  you can pick and choose the types of products you would like to receive, hair products, make-up, tools, facial products, nail polish,  remover, lotions, and more.  You can receive a wide range of products depending on what your pick in your profile when signing up.

Birchbox beauty box delivered to your home, pictured is November's beauty box, grey and white striped box and several tiny sample beauty products.
Birchbox beauty box delivered to your home.


I signed up for Birchbox first which costs roughly $10.00.  They take the $10.00 immediately and minutes after, you get an email saying that your order is being shipped.  The sent me three boxes!  One was the last month’s beauty box.  The other was the current month, and then in the mail again, I got another  box of the current month.  Definitely a great first impression.




Glossy Box Beauty box, you pay twice as much $20.00 but it's more for your money and very cute presentation. Cute pink box, with pink tissue, and black white polka dots in the box, and black blow.
Glossy Box, Beauty Box


After that I ordered Glossybox.  This one is $20.00 per month, and instead of small samples, they send some actual size products.  It’s twice the cost, but the products all last longer. The presentation looked very nice also. About five days later, including a weekend, my beauty box was shipped.


Ipsy, monthly beauty subscription, comes with a makeup bag.
Ipsy November Beauty Box, and Make up bag.


Lastly, I signed up for Ipsy.  They also charge $10.00 per month.  And with every month you receive a make-up bag.  Ipsy, had the longest turn around time  I ordered on October 21, and didn’t get the first order until mid November. They charged me two weeks after I ordered on the first of the month.

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