Batman When He was Young

Batman as a kitten, a main coone breed, shorter hair, looks like a racoon, same colors, and his tail is busy like a racoon too.
Batman used to sleep on the computer.

Batman was such a cute kitten. He is still a little kitten in my eyes, even though he is huge now.  But he acts like a little kitten still.

He wasn’t a cuddly kitten. He likes to hang with the dog mostly and play, and get into mischief outside. He absolutely does not want to be indoors, unless he is eating, sleeping or hanging out with the dog. He likes the snow, the rain, the cold and being outside in it.

Picture of my kitten Batman in black and white, he's a maine coon black grey and white, on his back and arms up.

I tried to keep him indoors.  I used to leave him in the house, and one window open, until I found the screen torn to shreds. He was trying to get out. Now I leave him out with the dog when I am gone.

He’s like a dog really, the other day I threw the frisbee for the dog, and the cat ran after it.  Of course, he didn’t quite know what to do with it after it landed, it’s a little big for him.  He will chase sticks too.



Batman the maine coon kitten curled up on a plaid, blanket, green, blue and yellow colros.
Batman sleeping soundly.

The last picture here is Batman outside, where he is the happiest.  He loves it outside!




Batman as a kitten, out in the wet grass, maine coon kitten.
Batman loves the outdoors!


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