Art with Claudio Jimenez

Claudio Jiménez Quispe
Internationally Renowned Retablo Artist from Peru
Retablo Exhibition, Workshops & Demonstrations
November 3 – 14, Shasta College Library






I went to this art workshop with this artist. He was very nice. He, his wife, and family, they are all brilliant artists. I made the flowers in the picture, with the aid of the artist. We are painting the pieces this Thursday.



2 thoughts on “Art with Claudio Jimenez

  1. Hiii I was in Mexico a month ago and i fell in love with los retablos de Claudio Jimenez. do you know if he gives workshops? i want to learn from him!

    1. Hello! This was a demonstration class of sorts given at Shasta College, via the Spanish language arts. I am not sure if he has workshops or not but he may have a website. Thank you.

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