Picture of my kitten Batman in black and white, he's a maine coon black grey and white, on his back and arms up.

Batman When He was Young

Batman as a kitten, a main coone breed, shorter hair, looks like a racoon, same colors, and his tail is busy like a racoon too.
Batman used to sleep on the computer.

Batman was such a cute kitten. He is still a little kitten in my eyes, even though he is huge now.  But he acts like a little kitten still.

He wasn’t a cuddly kitten. He likes to hang with the dog mostly and play, and get into mischief outside. He absolutely does not want to be indoors, unless he is eating, sleeping or hanging out with the dog. He likes the snow, the rain, the cold and being outside in it.

Picture of my kitten Batman in black and white, he's a maine coon black grey and white, on his back and arms up.

I tried to keep him indoors.  I used to leave him in the house, and one window open, until I found the screen torn to shreds. He was trying to get out. Now I leave him out with the dog when I am gone.

He’s like a dog really, the other day I threw the frisbee for the dog, and the cat ran after it.  Of course, he didn’t quite know what to do with it after it landed, it’s a little big for him.  He will chase sticks too.



Batman the maine coon kitten curled up on a plaid, blanket, green, blue and yellow colros.
Batman sleeping soundly.

The last picture here is Batman outside, where he is the happiest.  He loves it outside!




Batman as a kitten, out in the wet grass, maine coon kitten.
Batman loves the outdoors!


Beautiful lemon bloom, white with yellow center, and a very light floral fragrant.

Grandma Terry’s Meyer Lemons in Healdsburg, CA

Beautiful huge Meyer lemons on my grandmothers 30+ year old tree in Healdsburg, large lemonds very yellow and very juicy.
Grandma Terry’s Lemon Tree in Healdsburge, CA.

Grandma Terry had the most beautiful old Meyer lemon tree. Most likely this tree is thirty years or older it produces lemons almost all year long.  You can pick two paper grocery bags full of lemons and no one would notice that any are gone.  I love lemons and I think I know why.

We are so used to having Meyer lemons. my aunt makes marmalade, we have lemonade often, and my sugar cookies which have lemon rind in them. Lemon water is also very refreshing winter or summer. Must not forget, Chicken Picatta, with lemon juice and capers.



Meyer lemon tree that has large amounts of lemons on it almost year round, pictured the tree is full or orangy colored lemons.
Meyer lemons on Grandma Terry’s tree.


These lemons have thick rinds, but are also very juicy, they almost look like oranges at times.  Due to the dark yellow rind color, and they are so juicy too almost like oranges.







Lemon blossoms a light delicate tiny white flower with yellow pistils and dark green leaves.
Lemon blossoms on Grandma Terry’s Lemon Tree

Have you ever smelled the lemon flower bloom? Before the lemon?  It is amazing! Such a light floral fragrant. If only you could bottle the fragrance!  It it wonderful!  Stop to smell the lemon blooms people!







Beautiful blue skies and clouds and the early morning light, with snow on the treetops in Trinity county.

Snowy Weather in Northern California

Blue skies and fog and the Trinity river an early morning after fresh snow.
December snow on the Trinity river in CA.

Finally, we have been getting some snow in northern California! We are still experiencing a drought, but the snow pack is much more promising, so far, this year.  I took these before Christmas and after, and it was a white wonderland in Trinity county.  Luckily, for those without all wheel drive and 4 wheel drive, it melted fast.  Snow isn’t fun when you are stuck in it or at home without food or supplies.  Or if you have to be somewhere and can’t get there, or can’t get home.




Beautiful snow capped trees, and the reflection of them in the Trinity river, on a cold December day.
Beautiful snowy day on the Trinity river in California

I remember as a child when it snowed, often my dad had to go to work.  He used to plow the mountain roads at night.  But for the most part, during the snow days, we would just enjoy the snow.  Many times it snowed so much that it just wasn’t safe to drive anywhere. These days though everyone one has all wheel drive, and four wheel drive.  But sometimes even that isn’t enough.  I’ve been in an accident with all wheel drive it is no guarantee.

The best thing to do is have enough food, heat, and supplies on hand, and just be aware if a snowstorm is coming.  Check the weather too!

Checking the weather and road conditions is a good idea in the winter in northern California. Caltrans Road Conditions 

Early morning snow and blue skies, and fog, on the Trinity river,CA.
Wonderful winter in northern California.

Roads can be closed due to; landslides, snowstorms, and flooding. You never know what you will get in the wintertime. California isn’t just Hollywood, Disneyland, and the beach. The beach is all over the state, but it’s not the same beach in northern California as southern. The water is more frigid in the north.  And the waves can be treacherous.

The road to Eureka via Weaverville highway 299 West and East right now is only open in the daytime due to a landslide.  It’s been going on for a week now.  The road was lost to the landslide and there is one lane road open in the day allowing people to pass by, and the wait could be up to an hour.



Beautiful close up of the orange and black monarch butterfly in northern CA, celebrating the mountain of butterflies.

Monarch Butterfly, Trinity River, California

Beautiful Monach butterfly in a field of green along the Trinity river, California.
Monarch butterfly in Trinity county, California.

Celebrating the Mountain of Butterflies discovery, I thought I would post my pictures of a local Monarch butterfly here in California this last spring.  Google had their representation, and this is mine. I love the Monarch butterfly.

What is the Mountain of Butterflies?


Beautiful close up of the orange and black monarch butterfly in northern CA, celebrating the mountain of butterflies.
Beautiful Monarch Butterfly, Trinity river.


I was wondering the same thing.  Apparently 41 years ago, before 1975, people searched all over the north American continent, searching for where the butterflies went to during the winter.

After decades long of searching involving thousands of volunteers, then, they finally found out the answer.


Beautiful close up of the monarch butterfly in some blackberry bushes.
Monarch Butterfly in California.


A man names Ken Brugger, and Catalina Trail discovered one of nature’s most magnificent mysteries, where the Monarch butterfly spends the winter!  Apparently there are these forests with these trees, oyamel. Click on the name of the trees to see pictures of them in the thousands on the trees.



Monarch Butterfly in the green spring blackberry blooms.
Monarch Butterfly along the Trinity river, California.


The Monarchs gather in Mexico’s easternmost Sierra Madre Mountains.  The Monarch Butterflies gather in the millions.  It looks quite amazing!