Alexander Valley, Russian River in Sonoma County

Beautiful Russian river in Alexander Valley.

I was visiting my Grandmother in Sonoma county over the holiday and took a short trip to the Russian River off of Alexander Valley Road. A very beautiful drive on a spring day. We stopped at the river, and enjoyed the sun for some time.
Russian river in Alexander Valley, near Healdsburg, California.
Alexander Valley and the Russian River.




Alexander Valley and the russian river.
Beautiful Russian river.















Blue heron hurnting for food in the Trinity river, California.

Blue Heron on the Trinity River in California

Blue heron resting on a branch on the Trinity river in northern California.
Blue Heron


We love the blue herons on the Trinity river.  These birds are amazing!  To see them fly is something, they are quite large.

They are very graceful, yet very awkward at the same time. This bird did not seem to mind me,  I was were far enough away, he merely moved to another branch when he noticed me. As he moved his wings I captured some of the blue color, other wise, he blends pretty well with the brush.

Blue Heron on the Trinity River in norther California, beautiful huge bluish gray bird.
Blue Heron on the Trinity River


Beautiful blue heron on the Trinity river near Douglas City.
Blue Heron on the Trinity River.















Folsom Lake, California

Folsom lake is a lake in northern California.
Beautiful Folsom Lake.
Folsom lake in northern California is east of Sacramento and in the Sierra Nevada foothils.
Folsom Lake on a spring day.


This is Folsom Lake in North/East Sacramento. It was a very hot and beautiful day and there was a triathlon! It was a great event! Good Luck to all the athletes in the final event coming up in May 2009!
Folsom lake is fun for all the family in northern California.
Folsom Lake.
Folsom lake with bushes out in the water.
Folsom lake near Sacramento, CA.






Lilac Bush in Shasta County

Beautiful ligh purple, lilac bush blooming in the spring, and blue sky, in Redding, CA.
Lilac bush in Shasta county.

Lilac bushes are beautiful in the spring.  The flowers, are this lilac color, and also, white.  I especially love the lilac’s against the blue sky. They also smell wonderful in the house as fresh cut flowers.

Lilacs blooming which are lavender color, and smell wonderful.
Lilac bush blooming.


Lilac bushes are perennials and bloom year after year.
I love lilacs, especially their wonderful fragrant!