How to Peel a Pomegranate

Pomegranates used to be my favorite fruit as a child. I still do enjoy eating them very much. My aunt says to peel them underwater, it is less messy that way. Recently I read that the seeds of pomegranates have great nutritional value. Seriously, we should all go buy some today!

How to Peel Pomegranates, underwater.

The pomegranate is from ancient times, and was originally from the area of what is known as Iran and Iraq.  Today the pomegranate tree is all over the world from the middle east, to India, to the Mediterranean, Africa, in the U.S, California and Arizona.  One of my favorite dishes is a middle eastern pomegranate chicken.  Obviously, they have been using this fruit for a long time!

Pomegranates are filled with antioxidents, even the seeds are nutrious.
You can eat pomegranate seeds, they have been proven to be nutritious.

Pomegrantes are in season December to February in the winter.
Pomegranates a beautiful fruit.

Pomegranates are available from September to February in the winter.
Pomegranate juice and jelly is very delicious!

Sundial bridge, Sacramento river, Sun and Sunset, Redding, California

The Sundial bridge at the Turtle Bay Exploration Park is one of my favorite places to visit in Shasta county.  You can drive there and just take a nice walk.   Over the bridge, through the gardens, or down to the river to sit and enjoy.

You can go alone, with friends, family and bring guests to view the bridge it really is a great wonder.  An actual Sundial if you will!  🙂

Picture of the tip of the dial bridge, over the Sacramento river, Redding, CA.
the Sundial Bridge at Turtle bay.
The Sundial Bridge in Shasta County on The Sacramento river.
View from right below the dial.








Looking up at the dial on the sundial bridge.
The dial on the bridge.


View of the Sacramento river at the Sundial bridge.
View of the Sacramento river.









Evening view of the sacramento river, from the Sundial bridge.
Evening on the Sundial bridge.


Beautiful views at the sundial bridge in Redding, California.
Sundial bridge in the evening.




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