My Pink Striped Bathrobe on Television, The Middle.

I don’t want a huge amount of television shows, I prefer movies.  A couple that I do like in the main stream television, are the Middle and Modern Family.  

Recently we were watching the Middle, and I noticed the lead actress, was wearing my bathrobe. 

I have had this bathrobe for several years, and that show just came out fairly recently.  

How do they get the wardrobes for those television shows I wonder?   Has anyone else ever seen their bathrobes on television?  Just a couple questions. 🙂

Close up of one white gardenia, and leaves, pure white, and smells like pure heaven.

Gardenia’s in Redding, Shasta County

Beautiful blooming white gardenias, many of them on a huge bush.
This flower is a beautiful bright white, and smells absolutely fabulous.  You can smell the fragrant as you walk by.  It had so many blooms this year it was amazing.  These were taken in July and the plant still has some blooms on it.
Our favorite thing to do is have mini vases filled with a few of these in a room.  You will never need to buy air freshener again.
Gardenias grow well in Redding.