Excerpt from Trinity Journal, 100 Years Ago

The Trinity Journal is a weekly newspaper. I like to read “The News Back Then” section, which has is the news from years ago, 25 50, 75, 100 and 125 years. This one is from 100 years ago Sept 19, 1909.

The atmosphere has been smoky for the past week, owing to forest fires, 15 of which are raging in the Trinity National forest. Two are near town, one on Brown’s Mountain and the other on Mr. Bally. No damage is reported other than to timber

Surveyor H.L. Lowden went out to the Coumbs’ Springs last Monday to examine into the matter of the location of a road connecting Coumbs’s springs with wagon roads already established. The owners of the springs desire to have wagon road communication established as soon as possible, and will endeavor to complete the connecting road this fall.

On the trip up from Redding last Monday near Lowden Ranch, the Weaverville automobile stripped a gear and was compelled to stop. The passengers were sent to town in a livery team. The parts for the auto arrived Thursday from San Francisco and the company expects to have the machine repaired by the first of the week.

Fruit Tart, Tarte Aux Fruits, Toulous Lautrec

To make a good fruit tart, prepare the pastry the
night before with wheat on flour-on guard not to handle
it too much-in proportions of a third of butter to
two thirds to flour; add sufficient water and salt.
Cover with a cloth and let your pastry rest.
Next day, lay it out; add a little more butter, roll it
and fold it many and many a time.

Bed your pastry on a butter baking sheet; prick it
with fork so tht it does not puff up when cooking,
other wise you will have puff pastry.
Next set out your fruit: cherries, cherry plums,
mirabelle plums, various stoned plums, apples cut in
round, sugar according to the acidity of your fruit.
And, to decorate, with some pastry, place your
initials on top; for examle, “Momo.”*
*A pet pseudonym for Lautrec.

pg. 145 The Art of Cuisine
Toulouse-Lautrec Maurice Joyant



Apples and Pears in September, Trinity County

These are the same pears that I had pictures of before. I love fruit picked fresh off the tree. These pear fruits are delicious once they ripen. The apples are from the neighbor. Thanks! Those apples are the best!

Fall Leaves and Colors, Trinity County, California

I took this photo of a young maple tree in Trinity County, it had actually turned colors back in late August. I do so enjoy the fall colors, that arrive with the change of season.

One of the photos I altered in Photoshop and used one of the artistic filters in the program. I tried a few and I decided that I like the drybrush filter.