Finally, some Blackberries

Blackberries are the greatest fruit ever. I love standing in the middle of the blackberry bushes and picking them. It can be painful yes, but they are worth every prick of the thorns. You hands and arms can itch and feel irritated after picking them. Below are pictures of the blackberries that I picked. My neighbors can attest to these wonderful tasting blackberries. Please comment below neighbor with your opinion. 🙂

Blackberry Bushes and Poison Oak

This is really happened to me. A couple of years ago I was on a wild blackberry picking frenzy . As I picked a blackberry and ate it, I realized that the leaf next to it and touching it was not blackberry looking. Turns out, I was standing in a huge of poison oak plant, picking and eating blackberries in the poison oak leaves. When I realized what I was doing, panic mode kicked in. I thought I might get poison oak in my mouth or something. So I backed out of the poison oak, walked back to the house, and when I got there, stripped outside, at the backdoor and jumped into a soapy cold shower.I did not get poison oak, and maybe that is because I have been picking blackberries in that same spot since I was a little girl. I just never noticed it before, or even knew or cared what poison oak was. Below are the pictures, of the spot where I was standing. The poison oak seems to be spreading. Below is the picture of the spot I was standing in the blackberry bushes.

Trinity River Flow, August 2009

The level of the Trinity river is very high right now. They let water out for a Hoopa Native American ceremony of sorts.

I am including pictures from early June first, then the pictures of the river now. In the last picture on the right below, you can see the log it is under water now. I think also the beaver’s home is under water too. I

would imagine now is good for white water river rafting. Please, if you are planning this type of adventure activity go find a river rafting guide.

Firefighters Monument, Junction City, Trinity County, CA

In Junction City, CA at the fire station, there is a rock monument which was dedicated in remembrance of those brave firefighters that lost their lives while fighting fire. The fires were horrific, and many firefighters from all over came to fight many fires. It was a tragic season for the lives that were lost during those terrible fires.

The people who live in the area have not forgotten and are very grateful for those that sacrificed their lives in the fires of 2008. They will always be remembered as brave souls that helped fight some of the worst CA fires ever.

We appreciate all the work the firefighters do in the area every day. We see the trucks filled with firefighters every day on Hwy 299 driving to and from the fires. You see them in groups at restaurants, stores, hotels, camp grounds, and always at the local fire stations. There were a few just resting in the shade on the day that I stopped by the monument. They were fully dressed, it was 100 + degrees outside, but the heat rarely seems to faze them.

Thank You!