Beautiful tiny Daphne flower is beautiful and tiny but has a large wonderful fragrance.

Daphne flowers

This morning I awoke to the wonderful smell of Daphne flowers next to my bed. These are very small tiny flowers usually on a large bush, and they are very fragrant. These flowers would make a wonderful perfume. An extra plus to have fragrant flowers in the winter too, of course this is California.

Beautiful Daphne flower of a big bush in Redding, California.
Daphne flower in Redding, California.

Trees on Trinity River

These are my favorite tree’s at what we now call my “Mom’s beach”. It used to be the place where we camped when we first lived on the property and also where we had the “Leo Party”. One of the pictures is of what used to be the stage, and the “Slide for Life”.

Beavers Again

Those beavers have been busy again on the Trinity river. The trees are still standing but they are slowing eating them away. I noticed there are many trees downs across the river, and I saw what I think is their home.