Where to Find the Local Fruits and Vegetables in Northern California

Beautiful blackberries from along the Trinity river in Trinity county, California.

Blackberries from Trinity county.

There are Farmer’s Markets everywhere in California. Just about every city, has several a week during the summer and fall, and many small towns also feature a once a week farmers market.

Here is a link to a Farmers Market resource for California.

Farmers Markets in California

Here is a list of Farmers Markets from Red Bluff to Redding, California.

Farmers markets in Redding and Redbluff

The first list has just about every city in California, except Weaverville, California, and maybe some other small towns.

The Weaverville, California, Farmers Market is on Wednesday Evenings in the Meadow on Highway 299, next to the Highland Art Center. The market starts at 4:00 pm and goes until 7:00 pm.

Also when traveling in California, not on Interstates, but on the smaller local highways, you will find lots of fruit and vegetable stands. Highway 99 between Red bluff and Chico for example you will pass many stands. And also on Highway 20 from Marysville to Grass Valley, you will see one or two. And also on the highway 99 from Chico to Yuba City and Sacramento, Highway 99 you will find lots of fresh fruit stands, with nuts, dried fruits, fresh fruits and vegetables. Along with Jams, and whatever else can be made from the local fruits and vegetables. Careful driving on these highways! They are in the country and only two lanes.

Where to buy the best Meyer Lemons in Redding, California

Beauitufl meyer lemon tree with lots of lemons in healdsburg, CA.

GGs Meyer lemon tree.

I love my Grandmother’s Meyer Lemon tree in Healdsburg, California.  It is huge, and old, but not super tall.  So you can pick lots of lemons.  It produces so many lemons also, and sometimes, all year round. Unfortunately, my grandmothers house is a few hours away, and I sometimes need to buy lemons locally.



Colainder filled with bright yellow meyer lemons, from my grandmothers house in Healdsburg, California.  Center of wine country.

Grandma’s Meyer lemons are the best.

I love the local health food store, Orchard Nutrition. They always have some local, Shasta county, fruit and/or vegetables, for their customers. In the winter/spring, they often have fresh Meyer lemons and at a very reasonable price. Sold by the pound not per fruit.  They have them right now I was just in there the other day.


Colainder of meyer lemons, a bright yellow lemon, that is full of lots of juice.

Meyer lemons are great for their abundance of lemon juice.

Penny’s Cherries, Redding, California

Beautiful bing cherries, in Redding, CA.

My Moms beautiful cherries from her cherry trees.

The most delicious cherries I ever did taste! These are looking great this year, posted are pictures of years gone by. This year I decided to get to the cherries before the birds do! So we are picking them a little early.

Cherry season is the absolute best! Usually it is a little later in the spring, in northern California. But this year they are at least a week or two early. Shasta county makes wonderful cherries, and other fruit. If you are ever in Northern California, off of Interstate 5 are some wonderful places to buy fresh local fruit and nuts. The best you will ever have!

Beautiful bing cherries, in a white colander.

Beautiful fruit comes from the garden tract, in Redding, CA

Blue Heron on the Trinity River in California.

Blue Heron on the Trinity river, in Trinity county, California.

Blue Heron feeding on the Trinity river, California.


This is a blue heron on the Trinity river.  They are large and beautiful birds, very majestic.  When they fly it is spectacular.  Herons and cranes are often feeding here, also ducks, and geese.   But the blue heron is one of our favorites.  It was a favorite especially of my mother.  Since she passed, I have seen the blue heron often.  The bird always amazes me.


Blue heron hurnting for food in the Trinity river, California.

Blue herons are often seen on the Trinity river.

Blue heron resting in the sun, on a winters day in Douglas City, California.

Blue Heron on the Trinity river, Douglas City, CA.

Beautiful blue heron on the Trinity river, California.

Blue heron on the Trinity river, in Trinity county.



Google Offices and Google Campus in Mountain View

Google offices, me in the doughnut, android statue.


I never imagined going to visit the Google offices.  Maybe living in California and working in business offices, I just didn’t think it very novel to go and visit an office.  But here I am like the multitude of other tourists out in front on Building 44, taking photos.

A friend was visiting from out of the country and they wanted to go and see Google.   So we drove over to San Jose, and got a room and the next day we drove down to the Googleplex, or Google Campus as it is referred to also.   It’s an interesting vibe, as there are many office buildings, streets lines with trees, they call it a campus.  Although they were lots of office buildings, but with more trees, and bikes around, which is like a college campus. It’s also quite large like a campus, covering many blocks, in all directions. Google also has an Athletic Recreation Field, much like a college campus.

Large honeycomb piece with small green android and bee on it at the Googleplex.

Honeycomb Android Statue

We ended up at Building 44, where all the Android statues are.  It’s no wonder I like the Android.  All there operating systems are named after desserts!  Hello!  That explains so much.

Frozen Yogurt statue, to represent the google android os.

One of my favorites! Frozen Yogurt Android Statue.

We went to the main building but of course we could not get in.  I just though we might walk around a little.  A very nice lady told us that we could not get in, and told us where to go and view the statues.  Which we did, and then my friend tried to talk to someone in Building 44.  They wouldn’t let us in, of course.  And they gave us a preprinted Google directions map, double sided, to the Computer History Museum.

The Google bicycle is yellow, the wheel hubs green, the seat red and the basket too.

The Google bicycle

That was interesting, and it was right down the street, had a coffee shop, gift shop.  Afterwards we got a coffee, and we saw the Google bike at the entrance.   So it was an interesting day at the Googleplex, or Google campus.  I think next time I would prefer to go into a building.

Google offices, cupcake, Android statue outside building 44.

Google Android Statue

Large Gingerbread statue in front of the Google offices.

Gingerbread another older Android OS