Great White Heron, Trinity River, CA

Great white heron with reflection of itself in the Trinity river, CA. It has a large yellow beak with black.

Great white heron or egret.


Beautiful great white heron feeding on the Trinity river, in the wintertime.   These are such beautiful majestic creatures.  Usually we would see, the great blue heron.  Not so often have we seen the great white heron.



Great white heron with large long black legs, and a yellow beak with black, feeding along the Trinity river, CA.

Great White Heron in northern California.


Other names for the great white heron are, great egret, common egret, and large egret.  The heron or egret is definitely large.  They come here to the Trinity river, in the winter to feed.  Along with, the geese, ducks, and great blue herons.



Great White Heron, feeding along the Trinity river, in the winter time.

Great egret along the Trinity river, in Trinity county.


You will see these large birds often off the Interstate 5 that runs through California, they are in the rice fields, and other large bodies of water, that are marsh like.  There are tons of birds in this area of CA, lots of water, food, and lots of birds.  But often you will see many great white egrets standing in the marshes feeding as you drive by.



Autumn Colors in Trinity County, CA

Beautiful red and green leaves on a maple tree in Trinity county, northern CA.

Beautiful colors on this maple tree.

Autumn has almost come and gone already, the leaves are falling now rapidly and the weather is getting quite cold.   There was frost on the blackberry bushes yesterday morning and today it is raining hard.  Such a nice change after a long hot smokey summer of fires in northern California.






Blueberry bush leaves of green, red, and orange autumn colors.

Blueberry bushes turn brilliant colors.



My heart goes out to those rebuilding and who had lost there homes all throughout northern California.  So many people evacuated, homes lost, lost loved ones, and to those that lost their animals.  It all happened so quick.  I drove through right as the fires started in Lake county.  It was devastating.  I hope that everyone is safe and sheltered now.




Beautiful big birch tree with yellow leaves, and the sun shining with the view of the Trinity river behind.

Sun rays shining on the yellow leaves.


As the rains fall the leaves disappear, here is a last glimpse of Autumn this year.  I love the range of colors from yellow, to orange and green.





Blueberry bush with two blueberries and bright colored red and organge, green leaves.

Blueberries in the fall.

Sacramento River and Sundial Bridge in Redding

Sundial bridge a wide walking bridge with glass and white suspension which is a sun dial also.

Sundial Bridge at the Turtle Bay Exploration Park.

The Sundial Bridge is a walking bridge over the Sacramento river in Redding, California, next to the Turtle Bay Exploration Park. It is something to see if you are visiting Redding, CA.




Looking up at the tip of the sun dial part of the bridge, an all white pointed dial.


Large white tower part of the sun dial and also the metal suspensions.

Sundial part of the sundial bridge in Redding, CA.


The bridge is an actual sundial and you can tell the time of day with it.  It’s big as you can imagine, the part of the structure that jets out in the sky is the dial part.  Right next to the sundial is a garden a a walkway, bike way also, along the river.



The bridge is designed by architect, Santiago Calatrava. 





Sundial Bridge at Turtle Bay Exploration Park

The design for the Sundial Bridge was conceived by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, the world’s premier bridge designer. Calatrava has built bridges, airports, rail terminals, stadiums, and other structures around the world. Though he recently completeda major expansion of the Milwaukee Art Museum, and has been selected to design the new Oakland Cathedral, this is his first freestanding bridge in the United States.


Blackberry Jam, Trinity County, California

Blackberries in a metal ladle in a big steel pot cooking down for blackberry jam.

Blackberries cooking on the stove.

My mother and I always picked lots of blackberries.  It was something that we both enjoyed doing.  My mom made the best blackberry jam.  Over the years she would change the recipe a bit, sometimes only using honey, and sometimes using sugar.  When I was little she used pectin also, but not with the honey.  Usually she would leave out the pectin, and just use sugar instead.  I often would help her, but I never made it on my own.




Big steel pot with blackberries boiling lightly, cooking down for blackberry jam.

Blackberry jam in the making.



I looked up a few recipes, it seemed that many require the same amount of sugar and berries, 4 cups for instance of blackberries, and 4 cups of sugar. For this batch of blackberry jam, organic sugar was used and no pectic.  In order to make the jam thick it was boiled it a little longer than usual.  There were lots of blackberries so much jam was made!.




Picture of a food mill over the steel pot and blackberries inside, turning the mill removes the seedes.

Seedless blackberry jam.



In addition, I made seedless blackberry jam also using a food mill, which turns and smashes the berries and the seeds are separated.






Small round jar of homemade blackberry jam, very dark black berry jam.

Blackberry jam.



After that I cook the blackberries down a little more to make sure they are thickening, and then pour into sanitized jars.  I sanitize the lids, bands, and the jars, and use directly after sanitizing.  Which I did with the dishwasher, it has a “sanitize” setting.





Several jars in different sizes, small and tall of very dark homemade blackberry jam.

Homemade blackberry jam.


Blue Heron in Trinity River, California.

Blue Heron on the Trinity river, in Trinity county, California.

Blue Heron feeding on the Trinity river, California.

This is a blue heron on the Trinity river.  They are large and beautiful birds, very majestic.  When they fly it is spectacular.  Herons and cranes are often feeding here, also ducks, and geese.   But the blue heron is one of our favorites.  It was a favorite especially of my mother.  Since she passed, I have seen the blue heron often.  The bird always amazes me.



Click below to and you can hear the call of the great blue heron.  I hear them sometimes and at night too. They have a croaking call, it can be quite loud too.

Beautiful blue heron on the Trinity river, California.

Blue heron on the Trinity river, in Trinity county.


Blue herons are large wading birds.  The ones around here startle very easily and they won’t let you get very close.




Blue heron resting in the sun, on a winters day in Douglas City, California.

Blue Heron on the Trinity river, Douglas City, CA.