Magnolia Tree Bloom

Close up of a beautiful white magnolia bloom.

Magnolia trees have large, blooms and they are magnificent.



These beautiful huge white and creamy colored flowers were on a Magnolia tree in Redding, California.  These trees are usually very large in Redding. This one had flowering blooms low to the ground and easy to take pictures of.




Beautiful evergreeen magnolia bloom in Redding, CA.

Beautiful magnolia trees in Shasta county.




Magnolias are a very old plant and have survived on earth since before the ice age, millions of years ago.  The evergreen magnolia shown, is one of the types that is in Redding, CA.





Beautiful white magnolia tree bloom with silky white petals.

White Magnolia Tree Bloom, Shasta County, CA.


Large white magnolia bloom with a huge cone center with seeds, and silky white

These are huge and beautiful white flowers.

Batman, the New Kitten.

Batman deux, name of my new maine coon, lookng like tabby.

Batman is so cute!

I went to the local animal shelter, which is a no kill shelter.  I went to find an older cat, but saw this one and only kitten.  It looked very similar to another cat I had long ago, Batman.  But this cat looked exactly like Batman.  He was tiny but his ears were big and paws.

Well I could not resist and I got the kitten and named him Batman Deux.  He has been a joy.  He loves to play, and loves to hunt too.

Wild Chicory, Common Mullein, Sweet Peas, and Purple Thistle

Chicory growing, it is a cornflower blue color and has 10+ petals.

Wild Chicory.

These are all weeds and flowers that are wild in Trinity county, and some are native, some are not.  Chicory is a native or Trinity county, the light blue flower on the left.  And below also is  a picture of Chicory blooming.


Pictured below is wild sweet pea flowers, which are the pink flowers.  Also the tall yellow flower stalk is Verbascum thapsus great mullein or common mullein.  It is all over the place in Trinity county. This is a very large one and probably very old.

Verbascum thapsus, great mullein or common mullein

Verbascum thapsus, great mullein or common mullein

is a genus of perennial and biennial flowering plants in the Asteraceae.

Cirsium , known commonly as thistles

Whiskeytown Lake from the South Side

Whiskeytown Lake, California is wonderful for swimming and camping.

Whiskeytown Lake, California

Whiskeytown lake in northen CA, in Shast county west of Redding CA.  The water is blue, green, clearn and gorgeous.

Whiskeytown lake is beautiful and wonderful to swim in.

Finally, I managed to get to the lake and swim. I have been to this same spot a couple of times, but not yet this year. It is located on the South side of the lake, after you drive over the dam. I love this spot, the water reminds me of the sea.




Whiskey town lake is wonderful because no matter the drought, it will always be full and ready for activities, camping, boating, kayaking, skiing, sailing, or whatever activity you would like.




Below is Lily, my Mom’s dog, she loves the water, but not necessarily to swim. She never goes any deeper than her stomach. We were at the beach for two hours and she did not sit once.

Lily a white lab and shepard mix enjoying the refreshing waters of Whiskeytown lake.

Lily enjoying Whiskeytown lake.



Penny’s Flowers, Gerbera Daisies

Another beautiful flower, the Gerbera Daisy. They come in the most beautiful colors and grow back each year. A wonderful flower to plant in your garden.